Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: October 10, 2022


Monthly Pool Limits per Logical Zone 
Pool capacity limits can now be set per Logical Zone. A total pool capacity is entered and then specified limits can be set per Logical Zone.
A total Pool Limit = 50
LZ A = 10 (up to 10 parkers can parker in LZ A)
If LZ B and C fields are left blank, up to 40 parkers can park in LZ B and C in total
Find more info about Monthly Pools and Logical Zones on the QA Knowledge base.
Allow MultiProfile Set up when the Monthly Parking Mode is set to “External Basic
The newest Monthly Parking Mode option, External Basic, built out for the Cedars Sinai location now allows the MultiProfile section to be configurable in the FLASH Admin portal.
The “Show Deleted” Option for the Monthly Account Vehicle Search
The Vehicles Search section of Monthly Account listings in the FLASH Admin portal now includes the “Show Deleted” option to view previously deleted vehicle data.
Monthly API Credential Update
When a monthly account is set to invalid in an external system, the monthly account’s status is also set to invalid through the API. Now the PARCS credentials will not automatically delete and remain viewable in the FLASH Admin portal.
Monthly Parking Mode update for Umbrella Membership Module
We are one step closer to completing the Membership Umbrella Accounts feature requirements by allowing any monthly parking mode to work with the umbrella module.
Complete Any Zone to Support eParking
The complete any zone function now includes eParking vouchers.
Customer Tickets and Mobile Payments (internal) report Supports Company Filter 
The internal report Customer Tickets and Mobile payments can now be sorted and generated by Company rather than pulling for ALL companies in the FLASH portal.



Help Me Parker Monthly Account Search Issue
We’ve corrected an issue with the Help Me Parker Advanced Customer Support Integration, so the HMP agents can now search for active monthly account holders to provide in-lane assistance.
Time Zone Not Found Exception
A Time Zone error was corrected that was causing problems with the Clean Up Tickets function in the Admin portal.
AutoCapacity Adjustments Amount and Soft closing Logic
The AutoCapacity module now includes the Adjustment amount in the FLASH Admin portal (previously the adjustment amount was only visible in the FLASH Valet app). When the Actual Count is changed an adjustment amount is created, which allows that amount of soft closed tickets to exit without affecting the current occupancy count.



Occupancy Per Five Minutes Report
The new occupancy report now breaks down the occupancy count into 5-minute intervals.