Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: November 14, 2022


Interpark Integration
We have a new integration with Interpark’s MINT program, a monthly subscription platform. Interpark’s platform is very similar to the LAZGO integration described in Release The mobile app supplies a QR credential for monthly or transient access that can be used at all Interpark locations updated to kiosk version Learn more about the Interpark integration on the QA Knowledge base.
 eParking Account Integration

We have a new eParking account integration with Paciolan. See the full list of eParking accounts.




Valet End Point Updates
Changes were made to the Valet Product endpoints in the database in preparation for the Valet Products updates in the FLASH Valet version



University of Oregon Monthly Account Issues with AIMS Integration
A fix has been pushed to resolve an issue with the AIMS integration at the University of Oregon. Kiosk version 3.15.8 is required to address the issue of BLE credentials not working at exit kiosks.
Monthly Arrival and Departure Detail (xls) error – “The source contains no DataRows”
A reported error for the Monthly Arrival and Departure Detail report has been resolved.
Default Price Incorrectly Selected
The issue of the default price being available for selection at the ticket type level after the rates were set to a schedule per logical zone has been resolved.
Multiple Payments per Membership Transaction
A reported issue of multiple payments for one membership ticket has been resolved. This issue came up after releasing the ability to use all credential options with a membership account in release version 3.15.4. Now an Account will only be debited once per ticket even if multiple credentials are captured or provided.