Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: November 28, 2022


Printer Spooler Enhancements
Enhanced the Printer spooler code to try to prevent stuck tickets or receipts.
Advanced Customer Support Monthly Activity Search
Monthly Parkers that are added to the Admin Portal using the Monthly Import Tool can now be found when searching in the Advanced Customer Support Portal.
New Monthly Account LPR Enhancement
If a parker enters as a transient at a facility equipped with LPR, and a monthly account is created for the parker during their parking stay, the LPR system will now recognize the parker as a monthly on exit. When the license plate is saved to their account, the system automatically links and converts the transient ticket based on the captured license at entry. The initial transient ticket is no longer valid, and they will exit as a monthly parker via the LPR system.



Location Logical Zone Stuck Page
The Logical Zone page in the FLASH Admin was getting stuck and requiring users to manually refresh the page to fix. Issue has been resolved by removing unnecessary fields from the logical zone page.