Flash PARCS Release Notes

Release 3.16.0

Deployment Date: December 16, 2022


LPR Advanced Exit

Kiosk version 3.16.0 enhances the LPR system so now monthly parkers using the LPR access credential can be set to a neutral passback status and not have issues exiting the parking facility. Resetting to neutral previously denied the parker an allowed exit since the entry ticket was completed and the license plate capture was not found on the local database. Now the system will check the cloud database for license plate data to verify monthly account access to the location and will vend out the monthly parker.

3.16.0 also addresses the situation if a transient parker converts to a monthly parking account during their parking stay. On exit, the captured monthly account license plate will now link to the Transient entry license plate capture which resolves reentry passback issues.
Kiosk Refactor Tasks
We’ve been working through a series of development tasks labeled as the “Kiosk Refactor”, essentially restructuring how the database operates to streamline server calls and processes. Release 3.16.0 included many of these refactoring tasks.
Dynamic Lost Ticket Cash Payment by User
When the Dynamic Lost Ticket module is used with the Cashier Kiosk setup any cash payments processed by the onsite attendant will now reflect the logged user account that processed the cash payment in reporting.



Uncanny Misread
An issue of LPR events adding an extra incorrect character causing access issues for monthly parkers has been resolved.
Updated Location Data Export
The EOD PayLoad export was updated for the Bombe Macy garage and now excludes the Parking Type field.
Updated Location Data Export
An issue with extra decimals in the Amount Paid data from the UPMC EOD data export was resolved.
Cash Collection Summary Tab Restored
Cash Collection Summary reports are now populating and the tab has been restored for clients with installed cash machines.