Flash PARCS Release Notes

Release 3.16.1

Deployment Date: December 27, 2022

Kiosk Version Update Required

Additional Credit Card Fee Not Applying
The issue of additional credit card fees not applying if the kiosk was configured with a different initial screen such as the Language selection, POF Screensaver, or a FlashPass selection has been resolved with kiosk version 3.16.1.
Kiosk Offline Mode if Database Connection Lost
Now in the event of a kiosk losing connection to the FLASH database, the kiosk will still switch over to offline mode with kiosk version 3.16.1.
Fosse Integration Not Detecting all Saflok Cards
Kiosk version 3.16.1 has resolved an issue with the Saflock hotel cards with an extra long reference number being undetected by the kiosk reader with the FOSSE PMS integration for FLASH hotel locations.
Arrive Multipass Incorrect Ticket Data
Kiosk version 3.16.1 resolved an issue of incorrect ticket data being sent to Arrive when an Arrive Multipass was scanned on the exit
Stop PrePay Tickets From Allowing Re-entry
Kiosk version 3.16.1 and higher will now remove the ability for prepay tickets to be reused on entry kiosks (except when in/out capabilities are enabled).
Offline Mode and PARCS Access
 The previously released kiosk version 3.16.0 caused an issue with PARCS Access not working in offline mode. 3.16.1 corrects this issue and is the current preferred kiosk version.


Credit Card Batch Settlement Process Update
The credit card batch settlement queries will now check all company-linked merchant accounts to verify the transaction was settled. Before it would only ping one merchant account and fail if it didn’t match.

Windcave and DTC Configuration Update
The Convenience Fee and Mobile Payment Checkbox settings can now be enabled for locations using WindCave and Arrive’s mobile payment engine. These fields were greyed before requiring development to enable the DTC module for WindCave locations. This configuration can now be completed in the Admin portal.

UPMC EOD Payload Update
UPMC custom EOD payload update has been implemented to now include refund data.

Membership Setting Now Visible when link to Master Account
Now when you link a Membership Account to an Umbrella Master Account the Membership Settings set to the Umbrella Master will display on the membership account.

eParking Trans Detail (xls) report modification
The eparking Trans Detail xls report now displays the voucher number in one row allowing for sorting and filtering functions.

Venue External ID Now Displays in Admin Portal
The External ID used by the TicketMaster integration is now visible in the Admin Portal under the Venues tab once entered.



Security Gate Activity report Not Returning Data
The Security Gate Activity report is now populating data again.
100% off Non-Burnable Coupons
A fix has been applied so percentage base coupons up to 100% off can be created allowing for a Full Validation discount.
Duplicate AVI Tags are Not Allowed
Duplicate credentials are not allowed among monthly accounts, this restriction has now been extended to AVI tag data entered in the RFID tag field under the Vehicle section.
Update Fee Engine Auth Key
The authorization key was updated for the new database that houses the rate calculation functions.
Card Card Entry Now Allowed on Master Accounts in Manual Mode
Another step closer to completing the requirements for the Umbrella Master Accounts module. Now, a credit card can be added to the master account when the location is set to a manual or external monthly mode.
Loop Activity Directed to Archive Database
 Moving the loop count data to the archive database from the production database to prevent overload issues