Flash PARCS Release Notes

Release 3.16.2

Deployment Date: January 12, 2023


Speed improvements FLASH Valet Issued screen
The Issued screen for the FLASH Valet iOS app, now loads the list of issued tickets quicker. We were seeing an uptick for locations with extremely high volume, we were able to reduce by 10-15 seconds.
FlashValet Monitor Mode Speedup
FLASH Valet Monitor accounts when logged into the Admin portal should now be running at a quicker speed.
Logical Zone Name in Subject Line for Emailed Reports
The Logical Zone name will now be included in the email subject line for automatically emailed reports (if applicable).
Monthly Parking Customer List Report and Profiles
Monthly Parking Customer List xls report will now list All Access for any monthly accounts that do not have a Parking Profile specified.
PARCS Credential Server Error Resolved
A system exception has been resolved for when a PARCS credential is being used on exit and the entry method used hasn’t been downloaded to the local database yet.
Location Summary PARCS Report
 A “new” summary report is now available for PARCS Locations, Location Summary PARCS. This is a revised version of the Location Summary Hotel report that excludes valet data and valet-related sections.



A Lot Media Sign Not pulling API Data
A specific issue of an A Lot Media sign displaying “gibberish” instead of the rate has been resolved.
Paused Reports for TMC
The reports for the TMC location have resumed.