Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: February 1, 2023


Aristocrat Loyalty Program

The loyalty integration with Aristocrat Gaming is now live at the Hard Rock Casino in Reno, NV. The integration allows the casino loyalty members to scan their mag stripe loyalty card at the kiosk, and the system will automatically issue a ticket with an associated price based on the member’s loyalty tier. Validations are supported and can be applied to tickets requiring payment, and passback can be allowed for levels linked to a $0 price. Learn more about the Aristocrat Loyalty Program on the QA Knowledge Base.

Landry Loyalty Program
The Landry’s Select Club Loyalty program enables the loyalty members to swipe a mag stripe member card or scan a member QR code at the kiosk and a ticket will be issued based on tier level with the associated price. Validations and passback settings are not supported with the Landry Loyalty integration. Learn more about the Landry Loyalty Program on the QA Knowledge base.
PRRS API for External Enforcement
We’ve added PRRS (Parking Revenue Recovery Services) to our External Enforcement integration options.


New Report – Loyalty Usage Detail
There is now a new report – Loyalty Usage Detail, which is a copy of the Location Trans Detail report but with two additional columns, External ID and Reservation ID. This allows the integrated system (Parking Accounts or Loyalty Programs) to connect the ticket to an identifier for reporting and troubleshooting purposes.
“Make Automatic” Now Operating as Designed
The Make Automatic button located in the FLASH Admin portal above the Ticket Type prices is now working again as designed. If the location is set with scheduled rates, and a manual change of the current default price is made, clicking the Make Automatic button will reinstate the programmed Pricing Schedule.
Monthly API Invalid Account and Credential Transfer
If a Monthly Account is set to invalid through a Monthly API the PARCS Monthly access credentials will remain associated with the account. In the case, a new account is created with the same credential data, the credentials will be automatically removed from the previous account and saved to the new account.
Company Name and Code Fields on Membership Child Accounts
The Company Name and Company Code fields will now populate on the Member Account when linked to a Master Umbrella Account.
Auto Adjust Occupancy for Gate Vends through Adjustment Count at Entry and Exit
Further logic has been added to the occupancy adjustment count. Now all possible gate vends will increment or decrement the adjustment count. Each entry gate vend will increase the adjustment count by one and an exit gate vend will decrease the adjustment count if the current adjustment count is greater than 0. If the adjustment count is 0, an exit gate vend will soft close the oldest transient ticket to decrease the current occupancy count.
InterPark Express Payment Callback
Now if a customer fails to pay through their InterPark Express account, and they pay with a credit card at the FLASH kiosk; upon successful payment, we send InterPark a message detailing the transaction.
Create new valet API endpoint
A valet API endpoint has been added to capture key tag data to allow for overnight “ticketless” tickets to be reissued with the same key tag.
Update InterPark SetTransactionId method call
The ticket ID generated for a parking session with the Interpark integration will now be sent back to Interpark in a unique numeric format (GUID) so the ticket can be closed by Interpark using our Customer Service API.
Add Kiosk Activity’s “Created-At” timestamp in AI logs
The Application Insights database (Azure Montoring extension) now logs the Created At timestamp for any kiosk activity which is critical to be able to sort events chronologically for troubleshooting purposes.


Update LAZGo Logging & Admin Portal – Parking Location Check
The LAZGo record was incorrectly being applied in the FLASH Logs when other integrated parking accounts with External ID were being check at the kiosk. Now a general “ParkingVoucher” term is used in the Informational Logging record for any scanned reservations.
Align the Occupancy Percentage Per Quarter Hour to the Hour Report
The Occupancy Percentage Per Quarter report now calculates occupancy numbers in the format as the Occupancy Percentage Per Hour report.
Loop Count Report Calculation Update
The Location Kiosk Loop Counts report has an updated calculation method to resolve an issue of the Issued and Completed Ticket count not matching the amount calculated in supporting reports (Location Issued Ticket Detail, Location Trans Detail, and the Monthly Arrival and Departure report). The calculations should now match across the board for all reports.
BLE and RFID Requirement
Fixed a BLE issue, so RFID data is again required on a Monthly account to use the BLE access option. After a recent release, the RFID tag requirement was bypassed but is now working again as designed, requiring the RFID tag to be added to the account for BLE to function.
Internal Tool Update
In addition to all of the product updates, we have a new internal tool update! There is a new Shipments tab available in the Dev Request portal that allows FLASH employees to view the order status of any items ordered and bing shipped from the FLASH Warehouse in Dripping Springs, TX.