Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: March 27, 2023


Print Directly to the Printer and Circumvent Windows Print Spooler

The ongoing Printer error has been confidently addressed. Version 3.16.4 is recommended for any locations experiencing the issue of the Printer not responding.


Emergency Mode Profiles 

Operators now have the ability to link and activate an Emergency Profile for monthly or membership accounts. Learn more about the Emergency Profiles and how to manage them in the Flash Knowledge base article. 


Admin Portal UI and Function Update:  Manage Auto Open Times (Phase 1)

Flash Monitor accounts can now schedule Auto Open times for a location or logical zone please, see the knowledge base article for configuration details. 


Admin Portal UI Update: Ticket Search and Cleanup Tickets Supports External ID Search function and Visibility

The Flash Admin portal Ticket Search and Clean Up Tickets tools now include the External ID provided for the following types of integrations eparking reservation, check-in/out, and loyalty programs. This allows a user to easily match up the provided external ID to the linked ticket number in the Flash system. 


New Report-  Locations Trans Detail with External ID

A new report Location Trans Detail with External ID is now available in xls format (only). This report copies all data points from the Location Tras Details xls reports but also includes 3 new columns.

  •  External ID– The ID provided by loyalty program integrations such as Jack’s Casino, Aristocrat, WallyPark, Landrys, and Resort World. 

  • Reservation ID– The ID provided by any Check In/Out integration we currently have with LAZGo/Avail, and Interpark. 

  • Voucher – eParking Reservation number


Admin portal UI Update: Employee Parking Activity Tab Removed from Master Accounts and Membership Accounts

The Employee Parking Activity tab has been removed from all locations except UPMC. 


Update Monthly API for Master Account CompanyName & CompanyCode

The Monthly API master account endpoint has been updated to include the company name and company code to match what is displayed in the Flash Admin portal. 


Admin portal UI Update: Number of Parks field Removed from Master Accounts

The # of Parks field has been removed from the Master Account. A master account links monthly or member accounts to a financially responsible account. The # of Parks field controls how many vehicles the account is allowed to park in the parking facility concurrently. Individual parker details are not added to the master account level, so the setting has been removed. 


Admin portal UI Update: Client access to update/edit FlashPARCS Support fields

Flash users set with the Administrator role can now update the Flash PARCS Support Number fields in the Admin portal at the Location and the Logical Zone level.


Speed improvements to Flash Valet Issued screen

Follow up from a previous release to speed up the loading of the Issued screen in the Flash Valet app. 


Created XLS version of Validation Report

An xls version of the Validation Report is now available.


Created XLS version of Location Transaction And Coupon Detail

An xls version of the Location Transaction and Coupon Detail is now available.


Add RfidTag field to MonthlyAccountContact

The RFID Tag data has been added to the Monthly API that will be used for the valet functions of the Interpark integration.