Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: May 7, 2023


Membership accounts set with the Auto Reload Membership Setting can now use the Allow Negative Balance feature. This allows an account to have a negative balance in the case the credit card on file does not complete the auto reload amount. See more details on the updated Membership knowledge base article.
Membership Accounts with In/Out Privileges
Membership accounts can now have in and out capabilities at no additional charge during a set period of time after an initial charge or a set cap limit. See Membership article for more information.
Monthly API Updates
We made changes to allow third parties to easily link existing monthly accounts to their systems and compare the monthly accounts in Flash against their systems.
  • Added a new API method called GetAllMonthlies. This returns a list of all Monthly Parkers for the Location
  • Added three new API calls that allow linking Accounts, Contacts, and Vehicles to their External ID (The reference number for the item in the external system). Once the account, contact, or vehicle is linked to an External ID then it can be managed via the Monthly API. The new API calls are:
  • MonthlyAccountAssociateExternalID
  • MonthlyContactAssociateExternalID
  • MonthlyVehicleAssociateExternalID
  • The GetMonthlyAccount method now supports Flash Account # or External ID/Account #
  • The GetMonthlyContact method now supports Flash Account # or External ID/Account #, External Contact#
  • The GetMonthlyVehicle method now supports Flash Account # or External ID/Account #, External Vehicle #
Free Exit Option Removed from Membership Accounts
The Reset to Neutral button is now greyed out for all Membership and Master Accounts. Membership accounts should not be granted a free exit since payment is required, and access credentials are not added to Master acounts so passback status unnecessary.
eValidation Coupon Detail Reporting
The eValidation and Coupon Detail report will now itemize each applied coupon and a Logical Zone pre-filter was added to this report.
Monthly Account Activity Search Dates
Validations were applied to the date entry field for the Monthly Activity search, so now valid dates are required and user is prompted if an invalid date is entered.
Admin Portal Ticket Search History
The Flash Admin portal ticket search now allows users to pull all historical tickets. Previously, the search only allowed up 90 days.
Add Periodic Prices (Airport rates) to FlashRates Tool
Periodic Prices (also know as Airport rates) can now be configured in the Flash Rates tool (internal support tool). Periodic prices following the logic of Long term vs Short term parking logic, after a set amount of time, the pricing structure switches to another calculation.
Credential Recording at Entry and Exit
In efforts to provide better visibility into the type of credential being read at entry and exit for monthly and members accounts, the database is now capturing and recording the access credential type.

Additional logging to External Payment Processing
Updated external payment processing (APIs) for better troubleshooting purposes.
Master Account Code Field Missing from New Membership Account
Now when the Membership Account Type is selected, the Master Account Code is not removed, this allows a user to complete the set up of linking a membership account to the Master Account.
Master Account Transactions Tab displays Child Member Acct. Number and Name
The Transaction list for a Master Account now includes the Child Acct # and Name for each transaction.
Transaction PDF Report Lists Child Account # and Name
Master Account Transaction Emailed Report (PDF) Now Contain Child Acct # and Name for each listed Transaction.
“Parks” field Visible/Enabled on Monthly Account Pages Consistently
The PARKS field on monthly accounts which controls the number of allowed concurrent vehicles per account, now appears in a consistent manner across all applicable account types.
Security Level Dropdown to Company Details page in portal
A Security Level flag has been added under Company details to follow website security requirements by specified clients. If set to 1 the company and all linked locations will only be visible in the portal under the URL portal.flashos.com.
Future Date or Time not Allowed for Valet Dispatch Sign-in/ Sign-out
Future dates are no longer allowed for Flash Valet dispatcher sign off in the Flash Valet app or in the Flash Admin portal under the TimeSheet or Time and Attendance tabs.
FlashValet iOS App Transient Count Counts Now Include eParking Reservations
The transient ticket count summary available in the Flash Valet iOS app now includes the scanned eParking reservations in the Transient counts. The Ticket Count number will now match the the Issued count visible in the app.
Restrict the Culture Field (Admin Portal field) to only be accessible Internally
The Culture Field in the Flash Admin portal which determines a location’s currency is now only available to internal Flash Monitor accounts.
Underlying Connection was closed for Ticket Presence
Server update to verify Ticket Presence Connection stays open.
Remove old FlashParcs Active Reports Printer code
Backend update to printer code to allow for xlsx reports when necessary.
Improved the TrimTables Automation job
Split automation jobs into two for improvements.
Security Enhancements
Security updates to admin.flashos.com.


 Vend-Counts for “Loop Count” & “Location Gate Activity” Reports
Duplicate vend counts issue has been resolved for the Loop Count and Location Gate Activity Reports.
FlashPass Late Price Not Prompting for Fees at Exit
Resolved an issue of a configured Flash Pass late price not triggering at exit after the Flash Pass had expired.
Two Dynamic Lost Tickets setting not printing a 2nd receipt
Resolved an issue so printing a second receipt is now allowed when the Dynamic Lost feature is used.
Resolved Monthly Accounts set to Invalid still Allowing Access
If a monthly account is set to the invalid status entering via BLE method will now deny entry access.
Receipt Not Printing when 中文(简体) Language is Selected
A receipt will now print when Mandarin is the selected language.
eParking Reservations Not Allowing Exit on Shared kiosk
eParking reservations can now be used on a shared exit when the exit is not included in a Logical Zone.
Ability to use Monthly App Removed from All POF Machines
The ability to use the Monthly app (ParkWhiz or Flash Consumer App) on a POF has been removed to avoid the occurrence of passback sequence disruptions.
Location Trans Detail with Products Report
An issue with Locations Trans Detail with Product has been resolved so the report is no longer failing.
Resolved Reports stuck in Processing
Processing Reports cleared out for a SPPlus user.