Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: June 12, 2023


“Dashboard” tab Removed from Flash Admin portal

The “Dashboard” tab has been removed from the Flash Admin portal as part of the deprecation process to improve page load times.


New Field for Ticketless Valet

The Flash Valet Ticketless module has been enhanced to support numeric-based barcodes, eliminating the need to use the specialized encoded key/hang tag kit. This update allows for greater flexibility and convenience in utilizing the Ticketless module.


Enable “Reset to Neutral” Button for – Master and Membership Accounts

The reinstatement of the Reset to Neutral button for Membership accounts enables users to soft-close the member’s ticket, enabling reentry if required. By selecting Reset to Neutral, the account won’t be subject to free exits, ensuring a fair and accurate billing process.


Parenthesis Removed from Positive Balance Display

To avoid confusion with a negative balance, Member Accounts with a positive balance will now be displayed without parentheses. This change ensures clear and unambiguous representation of the account balance.


Display Membership Account Balance at Exit for Auto Reload Accounts

Membership accounts set to Auto Reload Membership Setting wilnow present the Account Balance on the Exit screen to inform parker of the remaining balance.


Master and Monthly Account Types to Show Employee Parking Activity tab

The Employee Parking Activity tab was removed for all locations except UPMC (the location that initially requested the feature). We’ve also agreed to reinstate for the GardenWalk location per their request.It was also reinstated for Master Accounts linked to monthly child accounts. The employee Parking Activity tab will display the parking activity for all linked accounts with an export option. 


Report History Logical Zone Filter

Logical Zone filter has been added to the Report History tab to provide users the ability to manage and filter previously generated reports based on specific Logical Zone


Modify FLASH Admin Portal with Adyen Payment flag

In preparation of the upcoming release of Adyen credit card devices and merchant account setup, the Admin portal has been updated to include the Adyen Merchant field. Following the same rule, the Credit Card tender type can only be selected once the merchant account is configured.


Auto Set / Populate the Security Token Regardless of Monthly Mode Selection

The Security Token field, located in the Location Details section of the Admin portal, has been enhanced to automatically populate a Token ID when the Monthly Parking Mode is set, regardless of the specific Monthly Mode type. This improvement ensures that the Security Token field is conveniently available for an API setup and no longer requires a Dev CS Ticket. 


Added Back Button to Entry Screen After Language Selection

back button (in english) has been added to the entry screen after a language selection, allowing the user to return to language selection screen if the wrong language was selected in error. 


Merged Printer Fixes 

All recent Printer fixes are being rolled into version 3.17.0 so any locations with printers issues can update to one version.


Hilton – OnQ Track Two Saflok Card Approved

Saflok cards have been approved to work with the Hilton OnQ PMS integration. Assabloy and Saflok are the two approved card types for the OnQ integration. 


InterPark Express Ability to bypass/present error message before Payment Summary Screen

The kiosk will now bypass the payment summary confirmation screen for successful payments and presents the InterPark Error message for failed payments followed by the payment summary screen to process a transaction. 


Kiosk On bootup Volume Auto Sets to 100%

The kiosk will now automatically be set to a 100% volume after reboot.


FlashParcs Config File Disable UI Image Animations

Added an option for Flash Support to  disable the kiosk screen animations (credit card and gate vend motions) which resolves a delay issue with the Get Ticket screen. 


Scans Not Recognized Credit Card Processing

To avoid interruptions and reporting discrepancies the kiosk will not allow scanning capabilities while processing a credit card transaction.


JACK Casino Loyalty API Call to Contain Kiosk ID

The Jack Casino Loyalty integration has been updated to define which nested areas the loyalty parker can access.


Update LoadLocation in Valet.asmx to handle Adyen Payment Method

Updated backend database to support future use of Adyen devices and credit card transactions.


Flash Valet Add Ons itemized on Receipts

Flash Valet Add Ons can now be used with Mobile payments and the itemized Add Ons will be included on the email or sms receipt. 


Available Spaces API Set to Restful 

FLP-5800Per request for ALCO Garage, the Available Spaces integration is now set as a Restful API call. 


Updated Monthly Integration Service for Ticket Tech

Updating the Monthly API calls to reinstate the monthly integration with Ticketech. 


Simple Survey Report Speed Up

The Simple Survey report (used for valet survey feedback) now processes more quickly.


Create the ability to Move/Reorder Facility Bits for Card Reads

We have hardcoded a prox card reading logic that allows to read the prox card bits in reverse order




Cannot use barcode in FlashParking App when facility set to Full

The issue has been successfully resolved where the monthly barcode access credential of the FlashParking mobile app was not functioning when the Location or kiosk status was set to FULL. Users can now utilize the monthly barcode access credential without any complications, regardless of the FULL status of the Location or kiosk.


BNR Issues  – BNR failures, stalls, restarts, and failure to accept cash

BNR update to prevent cash acceptance issues.


Vehicles and Contacts Associated with Deleted Accounts Not Removed 

Deleted monthly accounts will no longer still appear on the Vehicle search tab. 


Security Gate  Allowing Access without Access Zone Permissions

Resolved issue of access restriction for Security Gates based on the Access Zone assigned to the monthly account’s profile level. 


Deleted Validation Accounts With Validation Portal Access

The issue has been resolved, ensuring that deleted validation accounts are unable to access the Validation portal or the Flash Valet iOS app using validation credentials.


AVI (Toll Tag) Passback is ignored with an API created Vehicle

The issue has been resolved where a Monthly API account was able to bypass passback enforcement when utilizing AVI/LPR access credentials.


LPR Event is not linking to Transient Prepay on Entry Tickets

The issue regarding the linkage between PrePaid Transient tickets and LPR events has been successfully resolved. Now, the gate will automatically vend upon exit, as the payment for the tickets has been duly satisfied. This ensures a seamless and efficient experience for users, eliminating the need for manual intervention during the exit process.


Error Resolved: License Plate eParking Vouchers Now Enable Automated Gate Vending

The issue has been resolved to enable the utilization of eParking vouchers containing License Plate data to seamlessly operate with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, facilitating automatic gate vending upon entry or exit without the need for voucher scanning.


 Shorting Arming and Saftey Loop Opened Gate

Resolved an issue so activating both Arming and Safety Loop no longer opens the gate.


Auto Open Times not opening previously CLOSED garages

If the Auto Open Times are configured while the garage is manually closed, the system will now recoginize the next scheduled open time. 


Customer Name and Coupon Application Error Resolved

An error occurred when using the Customer Name entry field with the Apply Coupon function in the Validation portal.  Now users can seamlessly enter a customer’s name and apply coupons to tickets without errors. 


Soft Closed Adjustment Count Discrepancy

The adjustment calculation updates have been implemented so manually softclosing tickets will increase the adjustment field but the system softclosed tickets through the Ticket Type auto softclose will not affect the adjustment count. 


Kiosk v3.16.5.1 Failed to Communicate with LPR Service

Resolved LPR failure to connect to kiosk from version