Flash PARCS Release Notes

Release 3.17.2

Deployment Date: July 19, 2023


External ID Search Parameter added to Admin portal Monthly section

Locations utilizing a Monthly API can now search by the External Account ID from the Monthly Accounts, Contacts, and Vehicles tabs in the Flash Admin portal. 


Enhanced Nested Logic to Restrict Transient Parker Entry 

The logic has been updated to enforce the following rule: If a nested kiosk is not configured for Transient Methods, then Transient Parkers will not be allowed to enter using the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system.

External ID Field FLP-5956
Allow POF to make Checkout Call for Valet tickets with MPK or MINT External IDs Associated

In prep for the Interpark Valet integration, POF kiosks will have the capability to read the Mint app barcode, once scanned the process works the same as another other Valet monthly account. 


Enhanced portal UI to support dynamic Indigo Fastpay Product ID’s

Removing Hardcoded Product ID to allow for Configuration within the Parking Account. Each location will have its own Product ID because Indigo uses this parameter to set the rates.


FlashPARCS Kiosks Events & Diagnostics Logging

Additional logging within the kiosk build to provide Dev and Support resources for investigation requests


Enhanced UPMC Treasury Payload with Payment Zone

Updated the UPMC Data feed with a Payment Zone, which is the affiliated logical zone of the payment kiosk. 


Synchronize Dependencies with LPR NuGet Packages

Updated LPR NuGet packages to synchronize dependencies between multiple servers, use Newtonsoft.Json for serialization and add logging for dependencies. 


Disabled Sending Flash Employee Data

Removed user account data from automation feed per LAZ request. 


Logical Zone Pre-filter for eVal Coupon Report

Added the Logical Zone pre-filter option to the eValidation Coupon Detail report.


Update FlashPARCS Logging Level

Updated logging level from Debug to Warn for Microsoft library classes to reduce their non-critical logs in FlashPARCS logs.



Resolved Residential Valet Accounts Parks Field Greyed Out

In Release 3.16.5, editing rights for the “Parks” field in Residential accounts was removed, the Parks field determines the number of vehicles allowed to park under one account. However, with the latest update, the “Parks” field is now editable again for Residential accounts. This change specifically addresses the concerns related to Valet Residential accounts, as they can have multiple contacts under one account and should not be subject to the same logic as Member or Master Accounts.