Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: September 5, 2023


Monthly API Enhancement

In our Monthly Web Service, we’ve added Support of the Location GUID as the Security Token. The following Get Methods have been enhanced to to support Member, Resident, and Master Account Types.

  • GetAllMonthlies
  • GetMonthlyAccount
  • GetMonthlyAccount1
  • GetMonthlyContact
  • GetMonthlyContact1
  • GetMonthlyVehicle
  • GetMonthlyVehicle1


Also, the Error Message Response has been updated to be more specific. Ex: Previous Error Message – “RFID Already Exists”, now reads  – “RFID Tag already exists linked to FlashAccount# {String} and ExternalID {String}.”



Auto Open times do not Open/Close the Facility

Addressed issue with the Auto Open Times not going into effect as scheduled. Please note that an issue still exists with an edge case: if the location has Automatic Capacity and Auto Open Full enabled and the Garage is manually overridden to closed the schedule will not kick in. This will be addressed in a future release. (Requires Kiosk version update)


Texas Medical Center: Holiday Mode did not work for Memorial Day

Resolved an issue with the Holiday Mode not going into effect due to date formatting. (Requires Kiosk version update)


Updated and Deployed Test Location for HelpMeParker Testing

A new version of the HelpMeParker application should help resolve HMP application issues where their app loses connection and maintains a white screen preventing FlashPARCS application use.