Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: October 27, 2023


Ability to Process Refunds for Adyen

An update has been made to the CustomerPayment process to include Adyen’s refund processing. This entails the addition of an endpoint that Adyen can call to handle refund results.


Display the “unassigned kiosks” in the Logical Zone field in the Support portal 

When selecting “Create a New Call” in the customer support portal (s.flashvalet.com), if a location has Logical Zones and a kiosk is not linked to any logical zone, the system now automatically enables the “Unassigned Kiosks” filter for better organization and selection.



Monthly Arrivals and Departure Report Issue

A reporting error at the Century Park location has been corrected. Previously, the Monthly Arrival and Departure Detail report displayed repeated license plate information for multiple accounts. This issue has now been resolved.


Advanced Customer Support filter selection error

An adjustment has been made to address a backend exception error. This error was triggered by selecting the Advanced customer support portal filters in an order outside of the expected display sequence.


MonthlyAccount6 – ChildMonthlyAccountType Parameter

When using the endpoint MonthlyAccount6, the ChildMonthlyAccount parameter has been enhanced to ensure that it correctly updates the account in the admin portal, regardless of whether it is set to Monthly or Master. 


Garage Not Auto-opening per Schedule

Customers have had continued issues with the garage status scheduler, a previous change has been reverted to address the status of not opening at the scheduled time.