Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: November 9, 2023


Update Custom EOD Endpoint from Staging to Prod

Isolated feature for FastPark Loyalty to change their Custom EOD endpoint from Staging to Production.



Resolved Issue with LPR Exit Broadcast

The issue related to the exit via License Plate Recognition (LPR) failing to broadcast to the Entry Kiosk has been successfully resolved. Previously, this led to an error message, “License Plate Already In,” when a monthly parker attempted to re-enter via LPR. (Requires Kiosk Version update)


Auto Capacity Setting Not Saving

The issue of the Auto Capacity setting not remaining selected in the Flash Admin portal has been resolved via a backend portal change and is available to all locations.


Monthly Arrivals and Departure Report Issue (PDF)

The repeating License Plate data on the Monthly Arrival and Departure Detail report has been resolved. The first license plate captured was being incorrectly populated for multiple Monthly parkers. Although initially reported by Century Park, it’s crucial to note that this issue could impact any location. 


Membership LPR Exit not Vending Gate Beyond

An issue with License Plate Recognition (LPR) not vending the gate for Membership Account set to the Charge Every Time and Auto Reload setting has been resolved. The kiosk was not allowing LPR reads to automatically vend the gate and charge the account and required the parker to use an alternate credential.


FastPark Loyalty Chaser Ticket Not Enforcing Late Fee

Isolated fix for FastPark Loyalty, because a Late Fee was not applied when the reservation voucher was used as a chaser, and the guest overstayed their reservation period. 


FastPark Loyalty Chaser Ticket not Granting Exit if Paid via Reservation

Isolated Fix for FastPark Loyalty when a voucher is being used as a chaser. The prepay reservation chaser was not vending the gate when no balance was due, as it was already paid via reservation.


FastPark Loyalty Prepay Reservation Overstay Late Fee not Enforced

Isolated Fix for FastPark Loyalty where the Late Fee was not going into effect as expected for Reservation Guests who overstay their reservation. 


Loyalty Prepay Reservation w/ LPR Capture not Recording Entry in SQLite DB

Isolated fix for FastPark Loyalty where a prepay reservation Entry with LPR was not being stored properly in SQLite DB for either Entry or Exit.  (Requires Kiosk Version update)


Exit Kiosk/FlashValet Cannot Revive Loyalty Import Tickets

Isolated Fix for FastPark Loyalty  Loyalty tickets that were imported could not be reinstated once soft closed. 


Issue with Coupon Discount Amounts in FastPark Custom EOD

Isolated fix for FastPark Loyalty where the Discount amount was not being stored when the ticket was fully discounted. 


FastPark rate validation issue when Scanning Loyalty

Isolated fix for FastPark Loyalty where a manual discount in FlashValet was not being presented to the kiosk since  multiple exit swipes or scans has been prevented. 


FastPark Offline

Isolated fix for FastPark Loyalty where the Offline ticket would not store the External ID/Loyalty ID thus preventing the Loyalty Parker from exiting. The loyalty parker was stopped from exiting if the kiosk was offline or online.