Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: November 20, 2023


Location ID and Export ID Fields Now Restricted

Access to remove the Location ID and Export ID field data has been restricted in the Flash Admin portal, as they are linked to 3rd Party Data feeds and hidden development configuration fields. Any modifications or disabling of the feed will require a CS Request to the Development team for the required changes. In addition to locking the fields, the Export Config file is being made accessible to internal users on the Location Details page.


Interpark Update to Accept MINT and MPK Creds at POF

Isolated enhancement for the Interpark Check-in/Checkout Program. This new feature allows POF kiosks to support the MINT and MPK prefixed credentials to process payment and request their vehicle at a POF. (Requires Kiosk Version update)


New Marriott Mifare Card Type Supported

The Hotel PMS integration now supports the Marriott Mifare card type. As Marriott is transitioning their DormaKaba/Saflok “Mifare Classic” keys to “Mifare Ultralite C Desfire3” keys across all properties by the end of the year, we needed to adapt to this change.


Improved Handling of Excessive Data in Excel Reports

Enhancements have been implemented to address an issue with Excel reports in XLS format. When attempting to run a report with an excessive amount of data (row amount over 65,000), the generated report returned blank. The system update will now provide a clear message stating that the data exceeds the maximum limit, instructing users to narrow their date range for the search and try again.


Updated Transaction Reporting to Support Adyen Gateway 

Adyen Payment Gateway support has been added to FlashValet, and the Transaction reporting system has been updated to align with the new gateway.



Deleted Validators with Access to Validate

The issue of deleted Validation Accounts retaining access to validate tickets has been resolved. Now deleting a validation account will appropriately revoke their ability to validate.


Baby Lane not working for or later.

The issue with Baby Lanes no longer supporting Monthly Entries on versions later than has been resolved. (Requires Kiosk Version update) Version Printer Alert Issue

The problem with printer alerts on versions beyond, causing locations to receive numerous Paper OK alerts after updating on kiosks with Large Paper Rolls, has been successfully resolved.


Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) New User Migration

Previously, proper registration for the SSO flow required a user to log into the Flash Admin Portal. Now, a new user, who has not previously logged into the Flash admin portal and whose account is flagged for migration, can successfully register their account for SSO.


Location Trans Detail Report Not Paid Value Reinstated 

The issue with the Location Trans Detail Report not displaying the “Not Paid” value has been successfully resolved. This problem, identified as a backend exception related to the improper setting of the “Not Paid” value, has been addressed.