Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: December 5, 2023


Ticketmaster Presence Update

Updated Ticketmaster Presence integration to allow a validity range as opposed to only being valid for a single date. The pass remains single-use but can be used within a date range. 


Enable Real-Time for Olympia with new Endpoint

Enabled a Real-Time Data Feed for Olympia Parking. This requires a backend automation push to enable. In addition to re-enabling the data feed were are also sending the payload to a new endpoint. 



Monthly Pool Limit Issue

Addressed a location-specific issue of Monthly Pool Limits denying monthly parkers access due to a pool capacity when the limit was not reached. The Monthly Pool limit is now working properly. 


Occupancy Percentage Per Quarter Hour Report Fix

Fixed an issue in the Occupancy Percentage Per Quarter Hour report that was previously preventing the report from generating.


OpenCloseFlashParcs Automation job to include “closed” garage status

Resolved an issue where, with both Automatic Capacity and Auto Open Times flags enabled, and the garage manually set to “Closed,” the Auto Open Times schedule did not adhere to the specified open time. This concern has been addressed.