Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: December 7, 2023


Scheduled FlashParcs Support Number

Phase 1 of the Scheduled FlashParcs Support Number function grants Monitor Users the ability to schedule FlashPARCS Support Numbers. The schedule is managed from the PARCS Support Tab while the support phone numbers are still populated in the Location Details tab of the Admin portal. The times schedule will route calls to the 1st or primary phone number and all other times not scheduled will route to the second or backup phone number. See the Flash Product Knowledge base article for more info. 


Unlocked Client Access to update/edit Alert Emails within the Admin Portal

Expanding Admin Portal access to the Email Alert fields to Clients. Previously these fields were locked and only accessible to Monitor Accounts.


Updated Membership Accounts to Not Grant Free Exit on First Action

Membership accounts have been updated to ensure that their initial action is not a free exit. If a member’s first action is an exit, the system will now generate a “Cannot Find Your Entry Record” error.


Importing Tagmaster Microwave Tags Removed from Clients

Restricted the TagMaster Microwave Tag upload tab to Internal Monitor Account users only.


Added a RegisterMemberCard Method on the Monthly API

New Monthly API Method for Membership Accounts. This new method allows 3rd Parties to pass through a tokenized Credit Card value in conjunction with our USAePay iFrame.


External Enforcement Admin portal field Update

Resolved an issue where ExternalEnforcement was unintentionally being enabled. Additionally, the ExternalEnforcement Dropdown in the Admin Portal Location Details and Logical Zone Details tab is being removed. Configuring ExternalEnforcement will now necessitate a CS JIRA task for the Flash CORE development team.



Valet VIN lookup not Working

Addressed an issue in the Flash Valet app related to scanning VIN Barcodes in the door jam of a vehicle. The problem arose when our account with VINQuery expired, resulting in the interruption of lookups.


Admin portal  Errors when selecting the Payment Row in Ticket Search

Resolved an issue on the Payment Row within the Ticket Search when the returned ticket is located in the Archive Database rather than the Production Database. Tickets are transferred from production to the archive after 90 days.


Unable to credit Parker’s Outstanding Invoices

Addressing an issue with not being able to credit outstanding transactions.


Duplicated Fund Load for Prepaid Validation Accounts

Addressed an issue of credit card fund loads being duplicated on PrePaid Validation Accounts.


Start time Not Saving for  Holiday Schedules 

Resolved an issue in the Admin Portal UI where Holiday Schedules were not displaying in the local time.


Admin Portal UI Fix for Logical Zone Pricing Schedule

Resolved an issue in the Admin Portal UI where the Pricing Schedules were unable to navigate forward to the next page or the next 10 items.


LocationTicketType.aspx Not Saving the Ticket Type properly

Resolved an issue in the Admin Portal where, upon creating a new ticket type and saving it, the initial configuration was being held as the naming config in the database. This naming convention is displayed in the Validation Portal as the Ticket Type name, combined with the Freeform TicketType Name.