Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: December 19,2023


Security Gate Config Enhancement to Support Additional Credentials

Enhanced the Security Gate Kiosk Type to support additional credential types including the following: eParking, PINs, AVI, LPR, BLE, and Hotel passes. This requires a Kiosk version update. 


Added FVR to the list of LPR options in the Admin Portal and Kiosk

A new LPR-type option has been added to the Admin portal drop-down menu. FVR (FlashVisionRobot) is now an option and the default confidence of License Plate, Make, Model, and Color has been adjusted from 100 to 0. The FVR camera is currently in Beta and expected to be released in 2024. 


LPR Lost Ticket – Server Side Call for Soft Closed Tickets

Improved the LPR Lost ticket functionality by implementing a server-side call to verify the License Plate Capture for soft closed tickets. Previously, the kiosk only checked the local database, displaying the Payment Summary if the plate was found and using the default Lost Ticket Payment Summary if the plate was not found locally. Now, the system will provide a Payment Summary based on the duration of stay for previously soft closed tickets, ensuring accurate payment details are presented.



Fixed the Kiosk Screen Go button in Spanish and Portuguese Mode

Addressed an issue where the Back and Go buttons for Spanish and Portuguese were not working as expected.


Flash Pass Charged Incorrect Amount

Addressed an Edge case that allowed a user to adjust their selection after payment was captured for a Flash Pass. We moved the disable UI to earlier in the process to prevent users from selecting a second option while the first option was still being processed.


Fixed LPR Post Capture Not Coming Across on Exit for FastPark Loyalty Cards

LPR Tickets from Loyalty Parkers were not properly linking in Post Capture LPR Scenarios causing license plate data to be linked to the wrong ticket.