Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: December 21, 2023


Added GetTicketInfo API Method

To leverage Digital Payments with Valet, a new API method has been created to provide additional information about tickets.


Expired Time-Based Flash Pass Allowing Exits if Never Used Previously

Resolved an issue of an expired (Time-based) FlashPass allowing users to exit if the pass had never been scanned at an Entry kiosk previously. 


Prevent Multiple Open tabs of the Admin Portal

Now when a user attempts to access the Flash Admin portal in another internet browser tab, the portal will display an error message by default, preventing the login process. This modification aims to prevent scenarios involving duplicated or overridden settings.


Updated Twilio to Respond to UK Numbers 

In response to the UK Network Operator update of blocking international SMS messages, now if a UK number attempts to use a Flash texting service they will receive the message “this service is not available to UK subscribers due to UK regulations”.



Non-Burnable Coupons Working at Wrong Zone

Addressed an issue where Coupons were allowed to be applied regardless of their logical zone configuration. Change the Claim Coupon method to check the Logical Zone before allowing application.


Location Summary Detail Report Duplicating Revenue

Resolved a location-specific report issue of duplicated credit card revenue in the Location Summary Detail report. 


Resolved Error in Monthly API 

Previously, manually created member accounts before 9/8/23 were causing errors when searched using GetMonthlyAccount1. Now, all manually created accounts are supported through the monthly API, regardless of their creation date, resolving the issue.


Monthly Web Service – Issue with SetMonthlyAccountExternalID

The error occurring in SetMonthlyAccountExternalID, which previously indicated that the AccountGUID does not exist, has been resolved.