Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: March 6, 2024


Enhancement to Time Based Flash Pass Used as a Chaser

The enhanced Time-Based Flash Pass scanning logic now allows for scanning the pass as a chaser if it had never been scanned at an entry before. If a balance is owed, the system will present the balance. If the pass duration covers the ticket duration with a remaining duration balance, the ticket arrival time will be used as the Time-Based Flash Pass entry scan.


InterPark API Update

Update our Interpark API to map our Kiosk GUID to the Lane field for both check-in and checkout



Duplicate PrePay Tickets 

The issue of duplicate prepay tickets being issued and pulled before the gate will vend has been resolved. 


Kiosk Other Options Not Supporting Ticket Scan

The issue of the exit kiosk “Other Options” screen not supporting a ticket scan has been resolved.


Membership In/Out with Cap Limit

The issue of the AVI credential bypassing the set cap limit with Membership in/out privileges has been resolved. It’s been verified all Membership Settings and Credentials are compatible with the In/Out privileges and cap limit setting.