Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: March 11, 2024


Monthly Accounts Allow a Future Start Date 

A future start date can now be set for Monthly or Membership accounts and is compatible for both PARCS and Valet. This option is also available through the Monthly API. When a date is set in the Valid From field, the account will remain Invalid until the set date. Access will be denied until the account becomes valid on the set date.


Flash Admin Portal Font Size

The font size in the Flash Admin portal has been adjusted for all list and table UI. 


ID Tag Fixed Flag Update

Previously, there was an issue where the ID Tag Fixed flag UI did not update when checked in the Flash Admin portal. This has been resolved by making the ID Tag Fixed checkbox a read-only setting. It is now automatically checked when AVI credentials are manually entered on the Monthly or Membership account.


Adyen Refund Report

Refunds processed through the Adyen platform will now appear on the Refund report available in the Flash Admin portal.



Printed Non-Burnable Coupons Invalid Item Error 

The issue of printed non-burnable coupons scanning as invalid item has been resolved. 


Client Portal Access Restrictions

The capability to create companies has been removed from the Administrator user role in the Flash Admin portal. This change ensures that only the designated Monitor Account role has the authority to create new companies within the system.


FlashMobile Kiosks on the GetStatus2 Method

Resolved an error created by the Locations API GetStatus2 Method with Logical Zones when a Metered Kiosk is configured.