Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: May 1, 2024


Create the ability to Move/Reorder Facility Bits for Card Reads

Updated database to read bit counts in reverse or swapped order, for example now bit counts can be set up to read card number:facility code. 


Enhance Membership Accounts to Charge Late Fee for Single and Multi-profiles

Membership accounts now support the Late Fee function. By utilizing the Late Price setting on the profile, members will be charged according to the duration they exceed of the applied restrictions. This requires a kiosk version update to v.


Void PARCS Transient Tickets in Flash Admin portal 

The ability to void PARCS Transient tickets is now available in the Flash Admin portal  for Monitor and Administrator user accounts. Tickets are voided through the Ticket Search tool and will appear on the Location Voids report. 


FlashPARCS Coin Acceptance

Flash PARCS now supports Coin acceptance with the new CPI Gryphon/BNR setup. This development opens the door for international requirements and any US coin locations. This requires a kiosk version update to v. plus the required hardware. 


eParking License Plate Data and Kiosk Refresh Process

Enhanced the LPR / eParking automatic license plate read feature to retrieve same-day reservation data. Previously, the system only recognized license plate data associated with reservations made at least one day in advance.



Scanning eParking Voucher displayed PaperOutForm Error

Resolved an issue of eParking vouchers causing the Out of Paper kiosk error message. This requires a kiosk version update to v.


Mini kiosk Not Vending post 3.15.8 Release in PrePay Mode 

Resolved an issue of the mini kiosk (no printer) not allowing PrePay mode when the Force PrePay No Paper setting was enabled which should bypass the Printer requirement. This requires a kiosk version update to v.


Monthly Accounts Disabled without Violating Enforcement Rules

Resolved the issue of Monthly Accounts being disabled due to erroneous Nest violations. The error occurred due to an offline event producing inaccurate entry and exit times. This requires a kiosk version update to v.


Valid From Field Not Setting to Null after Date Passed

Resolved a problem of the new Valid From setting overriding the Valid To setting,  rendering the account invalid. Now, both settings can be utilized concurrently.


HotelKey Monthly Account Car Validation Error

Fixed an issue in the HotelKey PMS integration where validation errors occurred because the license plate data exceeded 10 characters and the vehicle information did not auto-populate as “Unknown” if not provided.


Interpark and Inside Valet location Compatibility 

Resolved an issue of Inside Valet not operating as expected for a location also using the Interpark integration. This requires a kiosk version update to v.