Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: May 23, 2024


Hilton – ONQ DB SYNC Button and Binary Logic

The OnQ PMS integration now automatically resyncs with the Flash system once the integration server has been restarted. 

OnQ PMS Integration – Onity MiFare Classic Card

Hilton OnQ (for Franchised locations only) can now use the Onity MiFare Classic Card reader. 

Formatting Change to the Occupancy Percentage Per Hour Per Price

Updated the Occupancy Percentage per hour per price report with column center alignment.



eValidation Detail by Date Dept and Validator Report filtered by Logical Zone Format Not Matching

Resolved an issue with the eValidation Detail by Date and Dept and Validator report for a specific location, where filtering by a specified logical zone caused the data to be split by week and department, not mirroring the format of other logical zone reports.

External Monthly Customer List Report Diplayed Duplicate Data

Resolved a specific location’s report issue of duplicate profile data on the External Monthly Parking Customer list report.

Monthly Arrival and Departure report Errors

Resolved an issue of a Monthly and Arrival and Departures report returning black for a specific location due to an apostrophe in the account name causing an exception error. 

Smarking2 Comma Break

Resolved an issue with the Smarking Payload integration not accepting commas and causing JSON formatting errors.