Flash PARCS Release Notes


Deployment Date: April 11, 2024


Backend Update for Valet Ticketless Keytags

Updated the Backend to support the Flash Admin portal selection of the KeyTag Not Required field. This change will now allow the Valet Ticketless Flow to not require the KeyTag Prefix when enabled in the Flash Admin portal. A FlashValet App version update is still required to implement this feature fully. 


Company Report Filter Updated to Look at Parent (Master) Account Company Setting

The Flash Admin portal Report’s Company filter option now includes data from the parker’s Parent (Master) monthly account level. 

  • If the Monthly Account has a master account, the Company is pulled from the Master account record

  • Otherwise, it is from the monthly account level.


Changes to History Tooltips to Display Info Longer

The Flash Admin portal History tool has been updated to display the “tips”  from approx 3 seconds to 30 seconds when hovering over the records. Additionally, the Location Search page now defaults field selection on the Location Name field.


Occupancy Limit Report Requires Report Group 

A Report Group configuration is now required for the location to run or schedule the Occupancy Limit report. 



Report Discrepancy Between Gross and Net Income

Resolved a location-specific report discrepancy between the Gross and Net income data on the Location Monthly Reveie by Source report. 


Kiosk Status Board Icon Misalignment

Resolved an issue in Kiosk Status Monitor (Sign.exe) of the icon misalignment to the description.


eParking API – AddVoucher3 – Remaining Uses Dropping Off

Resolved an issue with the eParking – AddVoucher3 Method not respecting the remaining uses when we set it to 3 uses specifically.


Unable to see Ticket Photos in Full Size on the Portal. 

An issue affecting the display of vehicle damage photos in the Flash Admin portal has been successfully resolved. Previously, users encountered a problem where the vehicle photo would only appear as a thumbnail instead of displaying as a full-size pop-up photo.