Flash Valet Release Notes

Version 3.3.0

Deployment Date: 10.16.23


Tip Field Defaults to Blank 

When choosing to swipe a credit card, there is a field to adjust the tip. We’ve adjusted this to have the tip field default to blank. This removes the step to delete the 3 zeros and allows Valets to move faster through the payment process.


FV Pro App – Company Not Available message 

We’ve increased timeout when loading locations during login to help accounts with large amounts of company locations


Add Search Bar to Kiosk scroll bar when logging in 

Similar to the Company and Location screens, we’ve added the ability to search at the Kiosk level.


Improvements to logging and error messaging 

This will allow us to better monitor any bugs or crashes that happen within the Flash Valet app.


Improvements to Bulk Payments Feature 

Allow the Bulk Payments feature to work with Adyen locations.




Flat Prices Showing as Hourly in Flash Valet App

Updated label to show “calculated” instead of hourly


Bulk Payment Disabled button

Fixed a bug where hitting “Done” and backing out of the Bulk Payment prompt disables the Add button in the Bulk Payments tab