Flash Valet Release Notes


Deployment Date: July 23, 2020


Search and process payments for Soft Closed tickets in Cashier Mode

Users can search for Soft Closed tickets by selecting the “Search on Server” filter while on the Issued tab, they can Restore the ticket and then process payment for it as usual. Cashier Mode


Discount Ticket Section

A discount section has been added to the Ticket Information when you search for a ticket through Control > History


Valet Products

Garage Manager users can now add Products to valet tickets.


Lost ticket

Users can now select different Lost Ticket prices at different Logical Zones within the same location.


Pre-Pay prices

Sames as with Lost Tickets, users can now select Pre-Pay prices at Logical Zone level.


Tech Support Website

Pressing the Support button on the login screen of the Flash VALET app takes the users to https://techsupport.flashparking.com/ on an in-app browser. This website has our Support Dept contact info, Online Resources, and FlashParking Videos (tutorials).


FlashPARCS Cashiering stability and enhancements

    • Ability to process a Zero dollar ticket in cashier mode
    • Ability to process tickets already paid at a POF, in cashier mode 




iOS 13 fix: We corrected an issue that prevented users on iOS 13 devices from logging in on the app when running the latest Flash VALET app build.