Flash Valet Release Notes

Version 3.0.0

Deployment Date: November 3, 2023


Change the Name of the App to “FLASH Valet”
Updated the name of the app to FLASH Valet (formerly called FlashValet Pro Services)
Support Longer PIN
Validation PINs can now be up to 10 digits.
Ticketless Updates Remove Duplicate Phone Number Field
The ticketless module no longer requires the customer’s phone number to be entered twice.
The no longer supported Unipay credit card reader device setting has been removed from the Control panel.



“Company Not Available” Error on Login
The timeout issue has been resolved for companies with a lot of locations.
Remove (4) from Send Receipt Prompt
Removed a visible “(4)” from the Send Receipt prompt.
Fix Screen Cutoff behind Tab Bar
A formatting issue of the bottom tabs being cut off on the iPad has been corrected.
Text Fields are Invisible on the Control tab>Hot Cars
The background color of the text fields on the Hot Car screen is now white against the black background.
Switch Controls defaulting to Black against Black Background
Changed the color of the switch controls from black to gray and white for better visibility against the black background.
Arrow Indicators for Picker Lists Missing on Issue Ticket Screen
The “more info” arrow indicators are now visible on the ticket details screen.