Flash Valet Release Notes

Version 3.0.1

Deployment Date: December 9, 2022


Valet Products are Now Labeled Add Ons
FLASH Valet v.3.0.1 includes enhancements to the module previously known as “Products”, now called Add Ons. Add Ons are additional priced items that can be linked to a valet ticket. Add Ons could be additional services such as car washes, gasoline fill-ups, or EV charging fees. The Add On fees are preprogrammed flat rates only, and currently can’t be set up as hourly or dynamic rates. The update includes a new management screen to view tickets with pending or completed items and the itemized Add On fees are now listed on receipts. To learn more about Add Ons, please see the QA Knowledge base article.
Scandit Update
Scandit, the built-in barcode scanner using the camera viewfinder has been updated. The camera scanner option is now more reliable and faster.
Change Device Compatibility to iOS 15+
FLASH Valet v.3.0.1 requires iOS 15 or higher.
Updated Hardware SDK for QPR Device Compatibility
We have been looking into new hardware options to replace the Linea Pro and Infinea Tab scanner sleds/credit card readers. We updated the Infinite Peripherals SDK to test the QPR device at a few beta locations. We won’t be moving forward with the QPRs but we do have new hardware on the horizon!
Refactor App to Streamline Debugging Tasks
We rebuilt the structure of the code to make the lives easier for our QA dept.
Added a Search Field to Company and Locations Picker List
If you have a Monitor account and regularly log into the FLASH Valet app, you’ll be excited to hear a search field has been added on the company and location selection screens. This also benefits customers that have access to multiple companies or locations.
Added the Ability to Search by Key tag
Flash Valet Ticketless locations now have the option to search Issued tickets by the assigned key tag number.
“Use Camera Scanner” is Enabled by Default
The Use Camera Scanner setting is now set to ON by default. You no longer have to enable the setting and log out and back in to scan barcodes via the built-in camera scanner.
Aztec Barcodes an Accepted Barcode Type
Aztec barcodes, a special kind of QR code, are now recognizable by the built-in camera scanner specifically for InterPark.



Control Tab Stuck on Report History View
The back button has been restored to the Reporting History screen after tapping the Control tab.
Camera/Scanner Not able to Scan QR code VIN numbers
Scanning a car’s VIN with the FLASH Valet camera or attached laser scanner will auto-populate the encoded vehicle make and model. The issue of the QR code VIN not being recognized and not being to close out the camera scanner has been resolved.
Scanner Constantly Running in Background
The camera scanner no longer runs in the app background which caused the scanner to stop functioning if used in a repeated manner for bulk ticket scans or key check-ins.
The Camera Scanner Cancel Button not Working after Reopening
Closing and reopening the camera no longer causes it to get stuck even after 50+ attempts.
Scanner does not close after scanning a key tag
Resolved the issue of the camera scanner viewfinder not closing automatically after scanning a ticketless key tag barcode.
Hot Cars not populating on iOS 15
The list of HOT CAR tickets (overnight tickets missing the required room number) is now populating when running iOS 15 or higher.
Sounds Not Playing
Flash Valet has multiple alert sounds, such as new SMS requests or key check-in reminders. We’ve resolved an issue of the sounds not triggering.
MP200 Crash when Processing a Credit Card
Resolved an issue of the app crashing when trying to process a payment with the MP200 credit card reader device.