Flash Valet Release Notes

Version 3.1.0

Deployment Date: March 9, 2023


Ticketless Key tags Now Reissue with Returning Overnights
An API endpoint was created to now support ticketless keytags to be reissued with the same overnight ticket for returning guests.
App “Loading Portal Changes” Function
The Loading Portal Changes delay issue has been resolved, now the manual and automatic update functions are working in a timely manner.
iOS Validation Process
The ticket validation process through the FLASH Valet app is now a quicker process. If only one validation price is available, the validator can simply scan the ticket to auto-validate. The timeout feature has also been removed non-PIN validator accounts.
WallyPark Reservation Convert to Valet
Available to Wally Park locations only. Wally Park reservations scanned first on a PARCS kiosk, can be converted to a valet eparking ticket in FLASH Valet. If payment is required at departure, it will be processed at the PARCS exit kiosk.



UX Issue enabling PMS Pay All Button
An issue has been resolved that allowed the left swipe action to enable the PMS Pay All button outside of the available window.
eParking Counts Not Responsive
The eParking Counts tab is now operating so users can view all expected and used eParking reservations.
Add-On Queue stuck spinning
The Add Ons Queue (Tickets with linked Add-Ons) screen is now loading so users can view all Pending and Completed Add On confirmations.