Flash Valet Release Notes

Version 3.2.0

Deployment Date: August 4, 2023


Adyen Integration into Valet App 

Adyen is now live with Flash Valet! This will allow locations to use the new AMS1 Credit Card readers.  This is currently restricted to approved beta locations, but stay tuned as we are excited to make this publicly available!


Improvements to logging and error messaging 

This will allow us to better monitor any bugs or crashes that happen within the Flash Valet app.


Interpark Express Valet Check-In and Out 

The start of this new feature will allow Interpark Express members to use their credentials to enter Interpark facilities and use a POF to request their vehicle for retrieval. The Interpark Express for Valet integration is currently not available and will be completed with coordination from the Core team.


Allow changing of web service URL for monitor users 

This feature allows monitor users to update where the Flash Valet app should point, no longer relying on a Valet dev member to create a build in order to test.


eReservation Integration Data Capture 

Customer-provided eReservation data, which can include information such as the license plate number and vehicle type, will now be pushed to the Flash Valet app. Once a ticket is linked to the corresponding eReservation, this data will be automatically populated and displayed on the ticket for easy reference and visibility.




No longer allow future date or times for Sign-In or Sign-Out 

The date and time selector tool to log out and end a valet shift will no longer allow a future date and time. 


Valet Receipts are no longer stuck processing 

Resolved the processing issue of the sending a SMS or email receipt after a processing a transaction.


Add (+) button on the Issued screen not selectable 

The Add (+) icon no longer greys out after canceling the ticket issuance process.