Ticketech Release Notes

Release v127.0

Deployment Date: January 22, 2024


Operator Portal

  • Added support for displaying acknowledged on timestamp for Vehicle Requests in reporting.

Control Hub web

  • Improved Reservations page cutoff for smaller screens.
  • Unified status capitalization across pages.

Control Hub App

  • Fixed issue with app not defaulting to “Today” when left open overnight.
  • Fixed issue with being unable to reschedule request to current day.
  • Fixed issue with showing recent expired requests displaying previous days.
  • Now allows for displaying up to 99+ notifications for vehicle requests.
  • Both re-park and reschedule options are now available when clicking on re-park.
  • Fixed issue with not always being able to accept/deny incoming requests.
  • Fixed issue with save button not always working when adding a request.
  • Fixed issue where closing a request removed the wrong one.
  • Fixed issue where users were able to request pickup times in the past.
  • Fixed issue where app was allowing accepting pickup time requests in the past, now it automatically updates to the present time.
  • Fixed issue when pickup window increment is updated while using the app.
  • Fixed issue with adjusting pickup time buttons not always registering.
  • Improved Reservations page cutoff for smaller screens.
  • Fixed issue with pickup window increment not matching the settings.
  • Fixed issue with garage updating when user did not change it.
  • Fixed issue with enabled features showing up as not enabled.
  • Fixed issue with headers moving when refreshing vehicle requests.
  • Sorted garage list alphabetically.
  • Unified status capitalization across pages